Stafford Post Office Rifle & Pistol Club

Details on membership

Members are attracted from across Staffordshire and from all walks of life and all age groups. Probationary members and visitors alike are made to feel welcome. As part of the probationary process new members are given very strict, but essential firearm handling and safety guidance

If you are not already a Firearms Licence holder then you will have to undertake a three (3) month probation/instruction program before you can apply for your license (assuming you want to use the club as your reason for wanting to possess a Firearm). Licence holders may use club facilities but must also undertake a three (3) month probationary period.

Applying for membership

An initial application to become a member must be made on our club form which can be obtained upon your first visit. This form must be forwarded to the club secretary with two (2) passport size photographs and the appropriate fee. Probationary members must attend the club for a minimum of twelve (12) visits over three (3) month period, during which time he/she will receive instruction in the safe handling of firearms on a one-to-one basis from the range officer or a full member of the Club. Range conduct and progression will be logged on your probationary attendance sheet. Until full membership is accepted, each visit has a nominal range fee £1.50 for juniors and £3 for adults to cover insurance and range consumables. There is no range fee once full membership has been granted and fee’s already paid during probation go towards your first years membership costs.

In the case of junior applicants (under 18 years of age) a letter from a parent or guardian giving approval to the application must be attached to the form. Once accepted and recorded the applicant becomes a probationary member.

When your probationary period has been completed a full club member must sponsor you to become a full member, this is generally the RO who has been observing your range conduct. The club reserves the right to ask for written reference from a person of good character who has known the applicant personally for at least two (2) years before granting full club membership.

The club is affiliated with Stafford Post Office Social Club therefore it is mandatory to become an associate member. Fees are payable directly to the social club.

Membership costs

Type of membershipAnnual fee’s (2014)
Junior (under 18 years of age)£15
Concessions for over 65£35
Mandatory membership to Post Office Social Club£6

Club rules

  • Constitution
  • General Rules
  • Range Rules
  • Range Officer Duties
  • Membership Form


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