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Club news

Following a rapid growth after the 2012 Olympics the club is near FULL CAPACITY for membership. While we are still accepting applications for new members there may be a delay in receiving your probationary membership pack. If you are invited to come and visit us we will explain this with you in more detail.

Club news and achievements

In October a number of SPOPRC members entered the winter CSR league at Bisley, shooting in practical and service optic class. This is one of the quickest growing areas of the sport and offers a unique opportunity to test shooters skills, standing, kneeling, sitting and moving from distances of 100m to 600m in rain or shine.

In June SPORPC members attended Sennybridge F range as guests and members of the FCSA and shot a variety of calibres from .223 to .50 BMG out to 1800.

In May SPORPC members attended Kingsbury ranges near Tamworth as guests and members of the FCSA. Members shot a variety of calibres from .223 to .338 Lapua magnum at 300 and 600 meters.

In April SPORPC members were invited to a Leek and Macclesfield shoot at the Thorpe gallery range at Ashborne. Members shot at 200, 300 and 500 yards.

In March SPORPC members attended North Wales Practical rifle competition in Bangor Tunnel ranges. The competition was tougher this year which was reflected in some of the scores. Either way the day was enjoyable and a big thank you to John, Ann, Sean and Phil who setup a wonderfully challenging competition.

SPOPRC came top of the 20 yard centrefire rifle league to take gold medal. The team comprised of Chris Cox, Chris Cooper and Nick George.

Centrefire rifle 20 yards – Division 5

Stafford A518555552547544524569557
Stourport F538539538541549556537545
Stafford B510543534555497533540556
Crewe D523545506525523541539534
N Staffs B519528501531551513521505
Stourbridge D486498505538514514513539
Stourbridge C506519555525560350513541
Staveley D516486510510500518494549
Staveley E499505484505515515488497

Members news

Renewals for membership must be returned to the club secretary by the end of JANUARYAnyone who has not submitted their application will be considered as a lapsed member and their details will be passed on to Staffordshire Police as per club protocol.


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